Teen Kasia peeing pictures

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I don’t think you’ve seen these before, Teen Kasia nude and peeing on the grass. She’s cute no matter what she does, from peeing, spreading legs, teasing, and even non nude. This is living proof, this girl Kasia is absolutely flawless!!!

Narrated by Phil Flash:
So this is a super small set… apologies for that… But it was never meant to be a set… it was random as hell. Kasia had to pee… she had been drinking so instead of letting her go inside… we made her go in the grass 🙂
If you like or want to see Kasia pissing… Njoy 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Teen Kasia peeing pictures”

  1. Wonderful, I like to see Kasia pissing, but I have another special wish, perhaps you can show some nude pictures from her when she has her menses and play with her tampon inside her sweet red pussy!

  2. i first saw Kasia on xprofiles
    & i must say::
    Kasia is F#ckin’ GORGEOUS!!!
    The Perfect Masturbation Inspiration…
    My kinky’side has me wishing for a nice warm GoldenShower from her!!
    – i’d also LOVE to bury my face between those Sexy Legs & enjoy the Sweet Flavor of that Amazing lil SmoothlyShaven Snatch!!
    * & last but dèfinately not least –
    i’d give ànything to hear her squeeks&moans as my RockHard 10inch Shaft disappears inside Kasia’s Delicious Pink Pie…

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